Published and Accepted Papers

Decomposing the Effect of Advertising: What Happens in the Retail Channel? (with Michaela Draganska) 

International Journal of Research in Marketing, 2023, 40(1), 226-247. 

Decomposing Firm Value (with Frederico Belo, Vito Gala and Juliana Salomao) 

Journal of Financial Economics, 2022, 143(2), 619-639. (Lead Article and Editor's Choice)
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Media coverage: INSEAD Knowledge

Licensing and Price Competition in Tied-Goods Markets: An Application to the Single-Serve Coffee System Industry (with Pradeep Chintagunta and Marco Qin) 

Marketing Science, 2018, 37(6), 883-911.
Media coverage: INSEAD Knowledge

Do Consumers Value Price Transparency? (with Katja Seim and David Muir) 

Quantitative Marketing and Economics, 2017, 15(4), 305-339. (Lead Article) 

Advertising, Consumer Awareness and Choice: Evidence from the U.S. Banking Industry (with Elisabeth Honka and Ali Hortaçsu)

The RAND Journal of Economics, 2017, 48(3), 611-646.
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Understanding the Effect of Advertising on Stock Returns and Firm Value: Theory and Evidence from a Structural Model 

Management Science, 2014, 60(1), 227-245.
Media coverage: Knowledge@Wharton

Brand Capital and Firm Value (with Frederico Belo and Xiaoji Lin) 

Review of Economic Dynamics, 2014, 17(1), 150-169.

Empirical Entry Games with Complementarities: An Application to the Shopping Center Industry 

Journal of Marketing Research, 2012, 49(2), 175-191.
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Honorable Mention, 2007 Alden G. Clayton Doctoral Dissertation Award
Media coverage: Knowledge@Wharton, and Argonne Laboratory News

Category Pricing with State Dependent Utility (with J.P. Dubé, Günter Hitsch and Peter Rossi) 

Marketing Science, 2008, 27(3), 417-429.
Finalist, 2008 John D. C. Little Award


Papers Under Review and Working Papers

Drip Pricing When Consumers Have Limited Foresight: Evidence from Driving School Fees (with Katja Seim and David Muir)

The RAND Journal of Economics, Invited for Second Round Revision. 

Planes, Trains and Co-Opetition: Evidence from China (with Marco Shaojun Qin and George John) 

Under Review 

Hospital Competition and Quality Under Regulated Prices: Evidence from the Entry of High-Speed Train in South Korea (with Hyesung Yoo and Song Yao)